June/July Updates.

Posted in General Information on July 31, 2010 by antihumanmusic

Things are moving a little slower than usual at the moment. There’s the EP (currently titled “The Gack”) coming out soon, however. It’s almost finished, with only a few vocals left to do. One of the tracks has been submitted to the Metal after Mass vol.2 compilation, an upcoming CD featuring a number of Irish bands. Details can be found on the Bad Reputation Myspace. Make sure to check it out to hear some quality metal from Irish metal bands. We’ll have more info on it when it’s available.
Now that the EP is nearly finished, we’ll be startting into the album’s worth of material that’s already recorded, and begin tracking for live sets. More info on that soon.

April/May Updates

Posted in General Information, News on May 27, 2010 by antihumanmusic

We’ve been a bit inactive here for the last two months, but have been keeping ourselves busy!
We have 4 finished tracks, bar vocals and small touches, that we will release as an EP by the end of June. We were going to keep these until more songs were finished, but we felt they stood better on their own, rather than on an album.
Aside from this, we have the rough tracks laid down for another album, which will be released much later in the year. The music still has its trademark Industrial edge, but will be much heavier than what we have already finished. There will be a lot of work put into this so it will take a long time before any of it is heard.
Thanks to anyone who downloaded “Songs For Shitting” too; 6,000 downloads and still climbing as I type. It’s a lot more than we expected! spread it around if you liked it!

Metal HQ

Posted in General Information, Music on March 25, 2010 by antihumanmusic

Go listen to Metal HQ, an internet radio station based out of the Limerick area. The station focuses on underground and unsigned bands, usually from the local scene. Antihuman have submitted music to the station’s playlist, as well as bands such as Coldways, Censura, Three Hour Ceasefire, and more.
If you make music yourself, or would like to suggest music to the station, you can contact them at their website.
Keep listening to support the underground scene!

Recording Again…

Posted in General Information on March 18, 2010 by antihumanmusic

We’ve already begun work on a couple of songs to follow up SFS. The whole recording process has become much faster since completing the last album, so we should have an EP available by June. Depending on the amount of tracks we end up with though, this could very well be delayed until the autumn and released as a full album instead.
The songs, so far, are heavier and more diverse than the last offering, and we will be using a couple of vocalists on these songs again. Don’t expect any samples until closer to the release date though.

“Songs for Shitting” Update…

Posted in Music on March 6, 2010 by antihumanmusic

Well, SFS has been available on Mininova for two weeks now, so we’re now offering hard copies for sale to anyone interested. Check out CreateSpace to buy a CD of the album.

Let’s Fucking Have It!!!

Posted in Downloads, Music on February 19, 2010 by antihumanmusic

“Songs for Shitting” is released today! so go get your FREE copy at Mininova. I’m assuming you know how torrents work to get this, so if you don’t, visit the utorrent website for the software and details necessary.

All songs are also available on our Youtube channel so feel free to check out the songs here too.


Antihuman – “Bundles”

Posted in Music, Video on February 13, 2010 by antihumanmusic

The first finished track off of SFS. More available soon for download!

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